Complete Service Packages for all Mazda Models

Each type of vehicle requires a specific type of servicing and so is the case with Mazda engines. Apex MOT Car Garage offers you a reliable specialist garage where we provide all types of services for Mazda engines ranging from diagnostic inspection to full service, especially optimized for MOT.

Maximization of performance

We know what your Mazda really needs. Therefore, we perform a thorough checking of the engine and do our best to maximize the performance of your Mazda. After receiving service at Apex MOT Car Garage, your vehicle will make you feel as if you had just driven it out of the manufacturer's place.

Comprehensive Checklist

Mechanics at Apex MOT Car Garage's specialist garage check every important component of the engine that is necessary to keep your Mazda in its prime condition. From spark plugs to detox treatment, every aspect is given due attention in our garage.

Provision of Original Equipment

For restoring Mazda engine to its supreme condition, we use original equipment for servicing that increases the lifespan of your vehicle and makes you trust us whenever your vehicle needs servicing and MOT.

Our Mazda Interim Service includes replacements for
  • Engine Oil
  • Oil filter
  • Includes top-ups for
  • Screen wash & Antifreeze
  • Brake fluid
  • Power steering fluid
  • Battery fluid
Our Mazda Major Service includes replacements for
  • Engine oil
  • Oil filter
  • Sparkplugs (petrol only)
  • Air filter
  • Pollen/Cabin filter (if fitted)
  • Includes top-ups for
  • Screenwash & Antifreeze
  • Brake fluid
  • Power steering fluid
  • Battery fluid
  • Transfer box oil
  • Manual transmission oil
Mazda Full Service

A full service includes everything within the interim service in addition to:

  • Pollen filter and air conditioning checks/replacements
  • A top up of brake fluid and antifreeze
  • A more thorough check of the brakes, engine, shock absorbers and wheel bearings